Our aim is that everybody who is suffering from contaminated drinking water knows how to disinfect the water. We can not reach this ambitious goal alone. But we are getting closer faster if governments and other organisations are acting in concert with us. Therefore we start this year our advocacy campaign.

Advocacy campaign: Helping people through convincing at high level

Worldwide we are advocating that stakeholders in the development corporation know the SODIS-method and include it in the programmes of their organisations. To achieve this, the specific informing of governments, NGOs and international Organisations, sound trainings of project leaders and staff of public authorities (teachers, nurses, etc.) and the demonstration of pilot project are essential. We provide expert knowledge, training material and practical support for the implementation of projects. Also, we link different organisations and thereby prevent duplications.

Through our advocacy campaign we can help to get the SODIS-method established worldwide and achieve that it reaches faster those people who need it most urgently

Bolivia and Nepal as a model for other countries

The projects in Bolivia and Nepal show how advocacy can lead to success. In these countries, development organisations and governmental institutions work together to disseminate household water treatment methods. The information about different methods, among them also the SODIS-method, is distributed on a national level through different channels. Children learn about the SODIS-method at school, different ministries included the method in their education programs for adults and in their emergency plans. In addition, there is an extensive network of NGOs who are conducting drinking water projects together.

In Pakistan, the SODIS-method is also widely applied. Through our activities, already more than 1'000'000 people are cleaning their drinking water with the SODIS-method. As governmental programs are now promoting the method, this number will increase again during the following years. In addition, other international organizations have started to disseminate the method.

With the advocacy campaign we would like to achieve such success also in other countries.

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