National statistics
  • Population: 20 million
  • People without access to improved water sources: 4.6 million
  • Child mortality: 13.6 %
Source: United Nations Statistics Division

  • Project launched in 2007
  • Training through promoters and health centres
  • 35 000 users

Initially, the project focused on household training in the slums of Yaoundé, Cameroon's capital. Since the rural community also exhibits a great demand for drinking water treatment, we expanded our activities to the region of Mfou, an area south of Yaoundé.

In Yaoundé, we work with professional promoters. In collaboration with local organisations, which have long been active and well anchored in the slums, our partner trains households in hygiene practices and the SODIS method. The promoters, who live in these slums, regularly visit the families. During these visits, they check whether the households apply the method correctly and motivate them to improve their hygienic situation. The method is already well established in the slums of Yaoundé. In Mfou, we disseminate SODIS through the local public health authorities. Doctors, nurses and health staff are trained and then pass on their knowledge to the local population. The long-term assistance to households is also a key aspect of our work.

The project aims to increase the promotion of SODIS through partnerships with other development organisations. This project reveals how state structures can help promote water treatment methods. This allows other organisations to later conduct projects based on the same model.

Project partner

Serge Zebaze Togouet
B.P. 8037
Yaoundé Cameroun
phone: +237 7745 30 20

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