This site is compiled for professionals in the government or developing organisations who are already working with the SODIS-method or other household water treatment methods or plan to do so in the future. It provides an overview of the project relevant information on our sites.

The SODIS-method

The SODIS-method disinfects with PET-bottles and sunlight contaminated drinking water. The water is filled in transparent PET-bottles and exposed to the sun for 6h. The UV-A radiation in the sunlight kills pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and parasites (Giarda and Cryptosporidia).
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Training material for projects

For the implementation of SODIS-projects we developed specific training material. The documents provide support for the training of project leaders, field staff and users of the SODIS-method. Also for other household water treatment methods we compiled selected material. more >>


We have produced films about the SODIS method in several different countries. We broadcast these films on the national television networks regularly to inform the general population. more >>


We summarized the latest scientific findings in the fields of microbiology, health, training strategies and PET-bottles. Regularly we update the corresponding publication lists. more >>


The SODIS newsletter informs about our projects, activities and important events in connection with SODIS. From 2009 on, the newsletter is disseminated semi-annually in German and English. To receive the Newsletter by e-mail, please subscribe to our  Mailing-List.
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For technical questions about the SODIS-method please write to Please see also our the FAQs.

For specific questions regarding our projects in the different countries and our advocacy activities, please contact our Project-Team.


We are interested in working together with other organisations. If you are involved in the dissemination of the SODIS-method or any other method for household water treatment and wish to exchange information or collaborate with us, please contact our Project-Team or directly one of our partner organisation in the countries (see under projects).

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