In order to confirm the effectiveness of the SODIS method, it was necessary to carry out microbiological tests. These tests showed that the method reliably kills germs that cause diarrhoea. Besides research in the field of microbiology, several health studies examined the effect of the SODIS method on the spread of diarrhoeal diseases among people who use SODIS. These studies confirm the positive effect of the method for the population. Sociopsychological studies tested different training strategies to find the most effective for educating people in developing countries. These provided us with important information about the best way to implement projects in the field. Analyses of the chemical substances in PET bottles and in the water prove that use of PET bottles does not represent a danger to health.


When developing the SODIS method, it was important to know which germs die and how much sunlight is required to kill them. These questions have been answered for most of the germs that threaten the health of humans. The SODIS method kills bacteria, viruses, and most parasites. We know not only that the germs die; we are also beginning to find out why. more>>


The aim of the SODIS method is to improve the health of the people living in developing countries. To determine whether this was happening, specific studies were necessary. Many tests confirmed the positive effect of the SODIS method; the occurrence of diarrhoea is much less frequent among people who treat their water using the SODIS method than among their neighbours who drink untreated water. The method is responsible for more than a direct improvement in the quality of life of the people concerned. Children attend school more often and their parents can go to work more regularly. more>>

Training strategies

In order for the method to be used all over the world, information about it must be spread as efficiently and inexpensively as possible. For this reason, sociopsychologists have researched a number of different training strategies. Visits to the homes of the people concerned proved to be particularly successful. In these instances, it is essential not only to convince the people to try the method. It is most important to assist them in changing their old habits. It was also found that many people do not know that water can be responsible for spreading sickness. Therefore, this issue is discussed at great length when necessary. more>>

PET bottles

In recent years, the PET bottle has come under criticism. Particularly on the internet and in emails, rumours have arisen stating that drinking water from PET bottles causes cancer or other diseases. To be certain that the SODIS method has no dangerous side effects for those who use it, Federal Laboratories for Materials Testing and Research (Empa) tested the use of PET bottles. Empa confirms that when the SODIS method is applied correctly, a threat to health does not exist. more>>

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